As coach Klinsman of the national soccer team promotes offensive soccer, all attention is focused on the attacking team centered on ‘World Class’ Son Heung-min.

However, as confirmed in the match against Colombia, the defensive organization is still considered a part that needs to be refined.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

Coach Klinsman’s first game as head coach of our national soccer team was a half-success.

The offensive power centered on ‘World Class’ Son Heung-min was enough to receive a passing grade.

We confirmed the possibility안전놀이터 of ‘attack soccer’ that coach Klinsman had clarified early on.

However, the chronic problem of momentarily disrupting the defensive organization has been revealed without fail this time.

[Hwang In-bum / National soccer team midfielder: (Early in the second half) I think it is a point that the team needs to make up for as well, even though we exchanged talks about concentrating for about 10 minutes. ]

I went out with the same four-back lineup as at the Qatar World Cup, but the left side collapsed when Kim Jin-soo was away due to injury, and he scored two goals through a similar route.

Kim Min-jae, who is second to none in one-on-one defense, also occasionally exposed loopholes when working with other defenders.

While Kim Jin-soo got off due to a back injury, the game against Uruguay on the 28th is also expected to determine the outcome of how well the defensive line is complemented.

[Jurgen Klinsmann / National soccer team coach: Playing two games in a few days is a tight schedule, but the players are already used to it and recover quickly. (Before Uruguay) Perhaps two or three starting lists may change.]

The fact that all of the main defenders of the national team, except for Kim Min-jae, are in their 30s, also remained as an assignment for coach Klinsman.

The discovery of young defenders and the improvement of defensive organization have emerged as variables that will determine the success or failure of Klinsmann.This is YTN Heo Jae-won.

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