Son Heung-min, even when washing your feet, start with your left foot…”. 

On the 14th, coach Son Woong-jeong, father of ‘captain’ Son Heung-min (Tottenham), appeared on tvN entertainment ‘You Quiz on the Block’ and brought up the story of his life. Director Sohn unfolded the life story of himself and his son Heung-min Son in a special feature of ‘Attention’. 

Son Heung-min’s soccer mentor and father, coach Son Woong-jeong, was a former soccer player and is currently working as a youth soccer coach. 

For Son Heung-min, who has advanced to the Premier League, coach Son Woong-jung emphasized the importance of the left foot. He said that a player who can use both feet can become the best. 

Director Sohn said, “Since he was young, Son Heung-min washed his left foot first when washing his feet. He also wore socks from his left foot. Even when he entered the stadium, his left foot was first.” “If you fold with your right foot when you have to, the opponent can respond easily. So I practiced my left foot so that I can react right away.”  토토

Son Heung-min, who became the top scorer in the 2022-2023 Premier League, is a player who can use both feet, which is difficult for European players to access. He freely shoots with both his right and left feet with high destructive power. In particular, he even recorded a hat-trick with his left foot, right foot and header in one game. 

Director Son Woong-jeong also explained Son Heung-min’s zone. Coach Sohn said, “The Son Heung-min zone came from a minor experience when I was a player. When I caught the ball in the Son Heung-min zone, I shot myself, so I think I just need to pass the goalkeeper. I actually hit the goal post and eventually practiced with Son Heung-min. I tried to shoot 1000 times a day. As a result, Son Heung-min zone was created,” he explained.

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