Liverpool suffered a crushing loss to Real Madrid at home, making their chances of advancing to the quarter-finals of the Champions League slim. However, Mohamed Salah set two meaningful records that day.토토사이트

Liverpool lost 2-5 in the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16 against Real Madrid held at home on the morning of the 22nd (Korean time). First, they scored 2 goals, but lost by conceding 5 goals, increasing the burden on the 2nd game. A win by 4 goals or more is required to advance to the quarterfinals.

On this day, Salah scored his team’s second goal in the 15th minute of the first half. This goal was the 42nd goal he scored in European club competitions (Champions League, Champions League qualifiers, Europa League, Europa League qualifiers, etc.) wearing a Liverpool uniform.

With this, Salah has risen to number one in this category, surpassing Steven Gerrard, who is known as Liverpool legend. Gerrard has scored 41 goals for Liverpool in various European club competitions, including the Champions League, Champions League qualifiers, UEFA Cup and Europa League.

Another record is the most goals in the Champions League finals by an African player. Salah, who added one goal that day, scored 44 goals in his Champions League career, putting him on par with Didier Drogba, who played for Chelsea.

Salah has scored 41 goals in the Champions League finals for Liverpool. Prior to this, he scored 1 goal in AS Roma and 2 goals in Basel, respectively.

Drogba also scored 44 goals in the Champions League finals. He scored most of his goals for Chelsea, and scored 5 and 3 goals for Olympique Marseille and Galatasaray, respectively.

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