“I want to be remembered as a player who did his best in each game.”

Jung Woo-young (33, Al Sadd) is a player you can easily see in the Korean national soccer team. ‘8th year national team’ Jung Woo-young has devoted himself to Korea for a long time, so soccer fans are well aware of Jung Woo-young’s play style.

However, Jung Woo-young’s usual play, which is not a national team member, is not easily accessible. Jung Woo-young made his debut at Kyoto Sanga FC (Japan) in 2011, went through Vissel Kobe (Japan) and Chongqing Lifan (China), and is currently playing for Al Sadd SC in the Qatar Stars League. did.

If so, what thoughts does Jung Woo-young have as a ‘Korean soccer player’, not a national representative? Jung Woo-young, who conducted an interview with SpotTV News on the 14th, talked about his thoughts on the K-League, his relationship with coach Xavi, and the no-turn free kick.

Below is the content of the Spotify News interview conducted on the 14th.

-Excluding the K-League, you were mainly active on the Asian stage. That’s why domestic fans haven’t seen much play in the league, but has he ever thought of wanting to play in the K League?

“As a Korean player, the desire to play in the K-League is, of course, always in my heart. .”

-You were coached by Barcelona legend Xavi (current FC Barcelona coach, Spain) at your current team, Al Sadd. Is there any part where Xavi’s guidance helped Jung Woo-young grow?

“I played with coach Xavi for 3 years and 1 year as the same player. I felt a lot while playing together as a midfielder and watching myself from the side, and as a coach, I personally liked the style of football I liked, the football he showed in Barcelona in the past. “It was a precious time for me to grow as a player. I wholeheartedly cheered for you when I went to Barcelona, ​​but I felt sorry for not being able to spend more time with you. I feel proud of the time I spent with coach Xavi.”

Qatar, the host country of this World Cup, suffered 3 defeats and was eliminated in vain. As a player playing in the Qatari league, did you expect Qatar’s empty elimination?

“Actually, I didn’t expect it. The players I saw next to me were really capable players, and they were players who could demonstrate their abilities in the World Cup like Morocco and Saudi Arabia. It was a pity, but I think these players must have felt a lot, and I want to tell them that this is another start.”

-The no-turn free kick against Japan in the 2017 East Asian Cup still remains in the fans’ memories. But lately, most other players handle kicks. Is there any particular reason?

“There is a lot of ankle strength in a no-turn free kick, but in fact, my ankle condition wasn’t as good as it was then, so I couldn’t practice much. , (Hwang) In-beom, (Lee) Kang-in, and (Hong) Chul-i, I thought it was right for good kickers to take care of it.“I think I can adjust this part depending on the situation because I have experienced both styles of soccer in my team and the national team. But as a player, I prefer soccer more, of course, with possession of the ball and detailed build-up, which is more fun. I think it’s football where I can play more confidently.”

-What does the Taegeuk mark mean to you, and if possible, at what age do you want to play for the national team?

“For me, this Taegeuk mark is an honorable place where I can dedicate my whole soccer life. Until now, whether I am in good shape or not, if I can play as a national team player, I have done my best. I like it, but on the other hand, I think that everything has its time, and when the time comes, there will come a time to put it down.”

-What kind of player would you like to be remembered by fans in the distant future for Korea’s Jung Woo-young?

“I don’t know how long he will play, but it would be nice if he was remembered as a player who gave his best in each game. I have nothing more to wish for if he remains as a player who contributed even a little to the development of Korean football.”

On the other hand, at the end of his interview, Jung Woo-young clearly revealed his beliefs about the appointment of a new national team coach, which has become the biggest issue recently. 안전놀이터

-The issue of appointing a new national team coach to succeed coach Paulo Bento is a hot topic recently. Is there anything you would like to say in this regard?

“All players have the hope that a coach who can lead the national team well with a firm color and philosophy will come. The World Cup, which was prepared as one team for four years, ended with positive results and performance.”

“I think now is the time to become another important point for a better next time. I realized once again that this World Cup stage is worth facing if you look in one direction from beginning to end and prepare steadily. I think we should look at four years.”