Goyang Carrot stood at the center of the topic even before the opening of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’. I couldn’t 메이저사이트guarantee participation in the regular league because I couldn’t pay the subscription fee. After twists and turns, after paying the first portion (500 million won) of the 1.5 billion won subscription fee, we confirmed our advance to the playoffs (PO) by finishing 5th in the regular league (28 wins and 26 losses), but due to the delay in paying the remaining subscription fee, ‘Spring’ Basketball’ was confirmed belatedly. Even during the season, a sympathetic public opinion toward the players was created as money problems arose several times, such as the wages of the players and staff being delayed. Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi (51) also experienced this situation himself.

Coach Kim is a leader who has a good understanding of training players and developing them into key players. As a result, the image of ‘strong’ was formed from the time of Anyang KGC, and Carrot treated young players with great potential for growth, such as starting guard Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Jin-yu, harshly.

At the same time, he did not neglect research for team victory, such as a defense that constantly presses the opponent and an attack pattern that increases the 3-point shot success rate. Outside shooting and trap defense are Carrot’s clear team colors. The players tasted victory by faithfully fulfilling coach Kim’s instructions, such as running to the point where the taping was soaked with sweat and tattered, and through this, they grew their confidence.

Coach Kim is just grateful to the players. This is why after the PO started, I instilled confidence with encouragement rather than reprimand. On the 19th, during the 4th round of PO in the quarterfinals against KGC (losing 61-89), he shook hands with the players being replaced and encouraged them. After the elimination was confirmed, “The players have worked hard so far, and they have grown beyond expectations. The support of the fans was also very great. I was happy,” he said.

The season ended after twists and turns, but Carrot’s future is unknown. This is because Day One Sports, the operator of Carrot, is negotiating the sale. However, coach Kim plans to run without rest so that the players who have worked hard throughout this season can dream bigger dreams. His sincerity was melted in the message he left for the players.

“Good work. Basketball will continue, and we will continue to train for championships. So let’s not get frustrated. Because you’ve done so well so far. Let’s rest well and get ready again.”

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