FC Barcelona has started a plan to return to Lionel Messi’s home team.

Messi, considered one of the best players in the world, had to leave his home team in 2021 due to Barcelona’s financial problems. At the time, Messi showed tears at the press conference announcing his transfer and strongly expressed his affection for Barcelona.

Afterwards, Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)바카라사이트 in France and signed a two-year contract. And the contract signed at that time expires next summer. Football fans around the world are paying attention to which place Messi will choose as his next destination. 

With the possibility of PSG remaining, Saudi Arabia, and offers from American teams coming out, Barcelona was also repeatedly mentioned as Messi’s destination. As Messi was a symbol of Barcelona, ​​fans often expressed their desire to return to the home stadium during the game. 

In the midst of this, news emerged in Spain that Barcelona eventually established a plan to overcome financial problems for Messi’s return. 

Spanish media Sport reported on the 7th (Korean time) that “Barcelona will take steps to recruit Messi.” 

“Barcelona has a clear strategy to achieve the long-awaited return of Messi,” Sport said. “It will not be an easy journey, but there are signs of fruition. We will look for it,” he said, adding that Barcelona are working on plans to return to Messi. 

“The plan will include cuts in player salaries and income from the sale of some players. Barcelona will sign a series of economic goals and fulfillment of requirements if La Liga allows it,” he said. “And Messi’s contract will be key to that goal. Now, Barcelona will wait until the separation between PSG and Messi is finalized. 

The media reported that Barcelona wants to earn a total of 120 million euros (approximately 172.5 billion won) by selling players to promote Messi.

According to reports, Barcelona are currently optimistic about the sale of Francisco Trincao, Clement Lenglet and Samuel Umtiti. It is also expected to hear suggestions for first-team players. He also added that if it is difficult to release, he is also considering ways to reduce his salary.

In particular, in the case of Langle, a complete transfer is being discussed quite a bit, with Tottenham, England currently playing on loan, receiving favorable reviews for being a good left-footed center back.

Barcelona have prepared a solid plan for the return of Messi, the world’s best player and team legend. Many Barcelona fans will be delighted if Messi returns to Barcelona this summer to end his playing career. 

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