Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh) got the first hit in the exhibition game. Choi Ji-man was absent.

Bae Ji-hwan started as the first hitter and second baseman in an exhibition game against the Baltimore Orioles held at Edsmith Stadium in Florida on the 4th (Korean time). After going 3-for-3 on the 2nd and striking out sluggishly, he was absent from both sides of the split squad game on the 3rd, then was included in the starting lineup again.

Bae Ji-hwan, who took a day off and started the game, reported his first hit in the demonstration game and boasted his strong point, his quick feet. He finished the game with 1 hit in 3 at-bats and 1 stolen base.

In his first at-bat, his first hit of an exhibition game came. Bae Ji-hwan, who had been hitless in 6 at-bats until the last game, had a heavy hit against Kyle Gibson in the first at-bat on the 4th with a ball count of 1-1.

After getting on base, his quick feet stood out. He stole second base from Brian Reynolds at-bat with no out first base. After one check was blown, he aimed for a gap where the second check was loosened. Major League Baseball revised its rules starting this year to limit the number of checks to three. If you don’t catch a runner in the third check, it’s a balk.메이저놀이터

Jack Suwinsky’s hit on the shortstop side came out on second base, and Bae Ji-hwan immediately dug into the home at this time.

In the second at-bat in the third inning, he tried to hit the first pitch. However, the result was a floating ball in center field. In the fifth inning, he also hit the first pitch, this time being caught with a fly ball to left field.

This fifth inning was Bae Ji-hwan’s last at-bat. Bae Ji-hwan was replaced by Nick Gonzalez on defense in the 7th inning. His exhibition batting average is 1-for-9 with a 0.111 hit.

Pittsburgh tied Baltimore 1-1. Both teams traded one run in the first inning and then went scoreless for the remaining eight innings. Korean major leaguer Choi Ji-man, who belongs to Pittsburgh, did not play in this game. Choi Ji-man is recording no hits in three at-bats in the demonstration game.

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