Kim Min-ji (27, Jincheon-gun Office)바카라사이트, who has emerged as a Korean athletics superstar, achieved satisfactory results in the first competition of the season.

Kim Min-ji entered the 400m finals in the women’s general category on the first day of the ‘2023 Amazing Iksan KTFL National Unemployment Track and Field Championship’ held at the Iksan Sports Complex in Jeonbuk on the afternoon of the 29th, and she crossed the finish line in second place with a time of 58 seconds 43.

On this day, Kim Min-ji, who reached the final after running 59 seconds 49 in the preliminaries, started from the 6th lane in the final round and maintained second place all the time, focusing on shortening her record.

After the 200m mark, on the remaining curves and straights, she seemed to lose her strength slightly, but as she put on a final spurt, she scored second.

The overall record was poor as Yang Ye-bin (19, Andong City Hall) and Kim Ji-eun (31, Jeonbuk Development Corporation), who are called women’s 400m champions, did not participate, but considering the lack of training during the off-season and the first competition of the season, expectations were raised for a shorter record this season. .

Kim Min-ji, who rose to the ranks of superstar last summer with a lookalike of girl group Espa member Karina, is active as a ‘athletic public relations ambassador’ while simultaneously working out and broadcasting such as advertisements and TV entertainment.

She recently joined the SBS entertainment program ‘Goal Hitters’ as a member of the National University Family team.

Kim Min-ji, who was lacking in training while doing broadcasting activities and exercise, said, “I participated in the competition with the goal of being invited to the 57th.”

Kim Min-ji’s 400m personal best record (PB) was 56 seconds 02.

Kim Min-ji, who struggled with an Achilles tendon injury last year, also made a plan to “set a goal of 55 seconds by September this year and slowly shorten her personal record.”

At the same time, he also revealed that he would continue to pursue both his main job, athletics and broadcasting activities.

Kim Min-ji said, “I started to promote athletics, but it is true that it is very burdensome (doing it at the same time). My teammates were also very worried that there would be a hindrance in the exercise,” he said. “As an athlete, my age this year is in its prime, and I will show it through the results.”

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