Due to COVID-19, professional baseball teams that have been training in Korea are holding spring camps abroad for the first time in three years.
Reporter Hyung-gyu Choi tells how the players will look after training abroad for the first time in a while.

Even in January, there are Doosan players who greet brightly in short sleeves and sleeveless shirts in Sydney, Australia.

Doosan, which returned to Australia after 3 years since 2020, is sweating in Sydney.

Recalling the days of Dynasty three years ago, when he spent a hot spring in Australia and advanced to the Korean Series, Director Lee Seung-yeop challenges to ‘reconstruct a famous family’.

▶ Interview: Lee Seung-yeop / Doosan Bears Manager
– “The Doosan Bears will do their best to regain their former glory.”

In the United States, which was the most frequently visited place for spring camp before Corona 19, as many as 8 teams gathered and boasted undiminished popularity.

After advancing to fall baseball for the first time in four years, Kia is looking for a higher place, and Hanwha, which is trying to escape from last place for three consecutive years, sets out to restore its honor in Arizona, USA.

▶ Interview: Subero / Hanwha Eagles coach
– “I think it’s time for the team to leap forward. The goal is to have a sense of stability in defense.”

Defending champion SSG, who is challenging for a second consecutive victory, is trying to open in Florida, Lotte, which is challenging for fall baseball, is in Guam, and Samsung is in Okinawa, Japan.

Professional baseball clubs, which have begun to quench in earnest, will enter the final inspection before opening in an exhibition game starting on the 13th of next month.

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