At the WBC (World Baseball Classic), which opens on the 8th, an American baseball expert predicted that Korea could win the championship by surpassing baseball powerhouses such as the United States, Japan, and the Dominican Republic.

On the 7th, released the predictions of the WBC winning team by 11 American baseball experts, including the company itself and reporters from the US Sports magazine. The Dominican Republic, the champion of the 2013 tournament, and Japan, the country with the most wins (2006 and 2009), were considered the strongest candidates with 4 votes each, but some predicted that Korea would win. reporter Michael Clair predicted that Korea would win the championship after beating the Dominican Republic in the semifinals and then facing Japan in the final. It was predicted that the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the tournament would be won by Gu Chang-mo (NC).

Claire said, “In Japan, there are many superstars such as Shohei Otani, Munetaka Murakami, and Roki Sasaki.” There is a bullpen that can be said to be the strongest.”

He continued, “If Korea and Japan face each other 10 times, Japan will win 7 times, but in a single match, I expect Korea to win. Korea, which fell in the first round in the last two tournaments, is looking forward to this tournament, so it can surprise the world.”토토사이트

There were six experts, including Claire, who believed that Korea would succeed in advancing to the semifinals, which was the goal of this tournament. reporter David Ben predicted that the Dominican Republic would kneel in the final after beating Mexico in the semifinals.

Only one expert predicted the victory of the United States, where superstars such as Mike Trout (LA Angels) and Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers) were dispatched. Two predicted that the United States would be the runner-up.

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