Daegu Korea Gas Corporation returns after completing its first overseas training in Japan.

KOGAS, which was founded in 2021, was unable to conduct overseas training due to COVID-19. Last year, I strengthened my stamina in Jeju Island and Tongyeong and improved my power through practice games.

This year, we are more free from COVID-19. Except for Goyang Sono, all teams have gone on overseas training or are planning to do so. KOGAS plans to hold five practice games in Japan starting on the 10th and then enter the country on the 19th.

In a phone call on the night of the 18th after all schedules were completed, Kang Hyeok, acting director of Korea Gas Corporation, said, “The previous training went well. The Japanese teams’ front line is tight. We don’t have many guards other than Belangel. “Belangel is weak against strong defense, but the training went well in that area,” he said. “It is a process of adapting to foreign players.” We practiced defensive rotation, etc. It gets better little by little. “There were bad times, but I am reducing the ups and downs,” he said, looking back on the training camp in Japan.

During the training camp in Japan, domestic and foreign players Isaiah Hicks and Anthony Moss played a practice game together for the first time.

Before leaving for Japan, Acting Manager Kang Hyeok said, “There will continue to be things that don’t fit, so I’m trying to schedule playing time by thinking about the combination with Hicks and Moss, without getting injured,” and “I plan B so that I can fit in well with Moss.” He said, “When Hicks, the first option, first came in, I planned to some extent to harmonize with the players, and I will try to match that.”메이저놀이터

Acting coach Kang Hyuk was asked how he coordinated with the foreign players, saying, “I probably worked out about once before leaving (to Japan). (In Japan) Training is done with a ball rather than running, and because I was playing immediately, I had a hard time with muscle pain due to my physical strength and activity level. “Right now, my condition is down,” he said. “I practiced because it wasn’t right or the rotation, for example, when a breakthrough was allowed, Hicks and Moss had to come out to help defense, but that wasn’t right. I didn’t fully understand the pattern, so I guessed that too. “I think I played well,” he said.

Acting coach Kang Hyeok, who hoped that the domestic players would become stronger by demonstrating cohesion through communication, said, “The difference between a strong team and a weak team is that the strong team is steady, and the weak team has ups and downs. Some days I did well, some days I did poorly, and it became repetitive. “Even in Japan, one day we played well, and another day we made a lot of mistakes and our performance dropped,” he said. “We had a practice match with SK and Saga (Flora Cup winner), where Cheong Kwan-jang was playing, and the stadium was very good. It was a formal match with spectators, and the players showed their courage. I was worried that I would be embarrassed by losing by 20 to 30 points, but it wasn’t that bad. “It’s uneven, but we have to create an average,” he said, making it his homework to reduce the ups and downs.

During training camp in Japan, a lottery for KBL rookie player draft picks was held. Korea Gas Corporation, which had a 16% chance of being selected in the lottery (1st to 4th places), received the 5th place pick.

Acting manager Kang Hyuk said, “I saw (the ranking draw). Can not help it. The ranking lottery machine did not select (a high ranking). Players must be selected as given. “Every team wanted to be ranked first, but we have to accept it,” he said. “When a new player comes, I think about whether he has a sense of strength. You need to think about how to select from the previous rankings. “We have to go back to Korea and discuss it with the secretariat,” he said.

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