Four people, including a couple in their 20s, have been arrested by police메이저놀이터 for intentionally causing a car accident with a newborn child in the car and then collecting insurance money from the insurer.

A man in his 20s who intentionally caused a car accident to collect insurance money is seen using a two-wheeler to hit a left-turning vehicle in a residential area in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, last February. (Photo provided by Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency)
On the 22nd, the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency said it caught four insurance fraudsters, including a man in his 20s, his wife, Ms. B, and a middle school classmate, Ms. C, and detained Mr. A on suspicion of violating the Insurance Fraud Prevention Special Act and sent three others, including Ms. B, to jail on the same charges.

A, along with two of his middle school classmates, including C, is suspected of defrauding insurance companies of more than 167 million won on 37 occasions from April 2018 to February 2023 in Gwangju and Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, by intentionally hitting them from behind when they were delivering a package on a two-wheeler, or by intentionally causing traffic accidents against vehicles that were changing course while carrying his wife, B, in a rental car.

In particular, Mrs. B was six months pregnant at the time of the first accident, and after giving birth, she allegedly used her child in the crime 16 times until the child was 19 months old.

A and B allegedly committed insurance fraud to pay for A’s gambling debts and living expenses.

In January this year, the police received a report from an insurance company that ‘Mr. A’s insurance fraud is suspected’ and began an investigation, analyzing traffic accident history, financial transaction history, and mobile phones to confirm that three people, including Ms. B (Mr. A’s wife) and a classmate, conspired to commit the crime.

“Insurance fraud crimes are mainly committed against vehicles that violate traffic laws,” said an official from the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency Traffic Crime Investigation Team. “Please observe traffic laws and be sure to report any suspected insurance fraud to the police.”

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