Chung Mong-kyu, president of the Korea Football Association카지노사이트, who withdrew after three days after trying to pardon those involved in match-fixing, suffered a major blow to his leadership.

The Football Association, which has lost the trust of fans due to hasty administration, continues to criticize President Chung.

This is reporter Lee Jun-hee’s report.


When the match-fixing incident broke out in 2011, President Chung Mong-kyu had to bow his head as the head of the Pro Football Federation.

Twelve years later, Chung Mong-gyu, chairman of the Korea Football Association, took out a pardon card to rescue the match-fixing participants, but withdrew it completely after facing a strong headwind. [Soundbite] Jeong Mong-gyu/Chairman of the Korea Football Association : “Once again, I bow my head and apologize

for causing great concern.” [Soundbite] Lee Dae-taek(Professor, Kookmin University ) : “If the executive branch has this level of management, I think everyone should step down and the chairman should be included.” has always been the subject of criticism. The Football Association, which was accused of disbanding the Higher Football Federation three years ago, lost in the first trial of the court. While revealing loopholes in internal politics and fussing one after another, the diplomatic power of Korean football has fallen to the floor.

Chairman Chung failed in the FIFA Council of Ministers four years ago and in the AFC vice-president election in succession, and also failed in the FIFA Council of Ministers election earlier this year.

Chairman Chung, who had been living alone on the international stage, was greatly shaken by the withdrawal of the amnesty.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.

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