How far will the sluggishness of last year’s league top team continue?

On the 16th (Sat) at 12:30 pm at the Arena in Los Angeles, California, the match between the Phoenix Suns and the LA Clippers will take place.

There were many expectations that the momentum of the Phoenix Suns, which ranked first in the league last year, would continue this year. However, from the start of the season, it started with a loss of the number 4 due to the trade request of forward Jay Crowder. A team that lost only 18 times in 82 games last season has already lost 12 of 28 games this year. There was a replacement resource, Cam Johnson, but he is also out due to a knee injury.

In addition, the team atmosphere has sunk a lot due to the injury and aging of Chris Paul, the main guard, and the injury and sluggishness of Devin Booker. Paul has played only 14 out of 28 games this season, and his average score is sluggish enough to record 10.4, a whopping 7.6 points lower than his career.  토토

On the other hand, the opposing team, the Clippers, is in the middle of a 6-game home game after an expedition to the East. It is on the rise, winning over Minnesota following Boston, the No. 1 in the East. There are Paul George and Kawhi Leonard who can score more than 20 average points, but it was difficult to operate normally due to continuing injuries. Fortunately for the Clippers, starting forward Kawhi Leonard scored a season-high 25 points against Boston after returning from injury. 

In the game against Minnesota, he is recovering his form by posting 19 points. Guard Paul George is also steadily improving his condition after returning from injury. If he returns to the backup forward Powell without injury, he is enough to aim for the championship.

The key is how long Phoenix can endure the weakened forward position, whether Paul can overcome the sluggishness this season and get back on track, and how well backup resources will support him. It doesn’t seem easy for Phoenix to block the brilliant forward resources of the Clippers, who have recovered their condition.

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