“I personally do not keep basic rebounds or defense, and I am greedy in offense and collapse as a team, and the team collapses, so if I make a mistake안전놀이터, a vicious cycle of further contraction emerges.”

Dankook University is off to a bad start with 1 win and 3 losses in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Men’s University Division. Seok Seung-ho, head coach of Dankook University, predicts that it is possible to advance to the playoffs. In the remaining 10 matches, it is considered that it is possible to rank within 8th place if we win against teams with similar results.

Na Seong-ho (188cm, F) stands out regardless of Dankook University’s team performance. Na Seong-ho, who stood out on defense, scored double figures in all four games this season, averaging 15.8 points. He’s about twice as good in scoring, considering he averaged 8.1 points last season.

At the base of it lies the 3-point shot. Na Seong-ho had a 3-point shot success rate of 27.0% (10/37) last season, but this season he significantly raised it to 42.9% (9/21). Moreover, he made 10 successful 3-pointers in 14 games last season and focused on 9 in 4 games this season. He didn’t make any in the first game of the season against Korea University, but after that, he made three three-pointers in three consecutive games.

Na Seong-ho, whom we met after losing 47-82 to Korea University on the 31st of last month, said that the start of the season was not good. “I prepared a lot of defense, but that was not kept well. There were many cases where he went well and then quickly collapsed. He has to make up for that part.”

Dankook University went to Taiwan for field training last February, and there are opinions that it fell into a swamp of sluggishness after that.

Na Seong-ho said, “After going to Taiwan, my overall mentality was shaken. It is a problem that we have to deal with, so we have to talk a lot among ourselves and overcome it with united organizational power.” A vicious cycle arises.”

Korea University includes Park Moo-bin, Kim Tae-hoon, Park Jun-hyung, and Kim Min-gyu, who ate rice in one pot at Hongdae High School. Na Seong-ho sometimes matched up with them.

Na Seong-ho said, “I still can’t believe it 4 years later (after graduating) because the players who were so close like family at Hongdae High School are playing in different uniforms.” It gives me an opportunity to work harder.”

When we met during winter training in January, Na Seong-ho said, “I will show my strengths in defense with steady 3&D, and I will play 3-point shots with confidence.” It went well because he did well, and he emphasized the basics of shooting with confidence and looking at the rim first, fulfilling it, and trying to protect it, so the attack seems to be going well.”

Freshman Gil Min-cheol, who suffered an ankle injury, is unlikely to play in the regular league any longer. Dankook University, whose height is even lower, needs to develop a more solid defense.

Na Seong-ho said, “When defending, there are many cases where we follow to the side and break through. He said, “I try not to break through the defense by standing in front of it, and there are times when I can not rotate and give easy points.”

Only when Lee Kyung-do and Lee Doo-ho come back to life can Dankook University play a better game.

Na Seong-ho said, “I hope I have confidence because I am so introverted. Since it is a team sport, if we focus on our team defense rather than individual offense, we will be able to regain good performance

. ”

Na Seong-ho said, “In the past, Dankook University played a sticky defense and then continued a quick counterattack, but if we play the game with the Dankook University team color back, it will help us advance to the playoffs.” I will show you that Dankook University cannot be taken lightly.

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