Six people, including a man in his 30s, were caught by the coast guard for driving a jet ski in the sea of ​​Jeju and approaching a group of southern bottlenose dolphins먹튀검증, which are protected marine life, and threatening them.

The Seogwipo Coast Guard is investigating six people who interfered with the movement of dolphins by approaching southern bottlenose dolphins within 10m on jet skis at around 5:00 p.m. (21st) announced.

They were found to have interfered with the movement of the group of dolphins after riding each of the six jet skis.

The coast guard, who was dispatched to the scene after receiving the report, found six of these jet skis on the way to Moseulpo Port and cracked down on six people, including a man in his 30s, for violating the Marine Ecosystem Act.

The southern bottlenose dolphin, which was designated as a protected marine species in 2012, is a marine mammal that can be observed year-round off the coast of Jeju Island, and it is estimated that about 110 individuals currently live there.

The Marine Ecosystem Act stipulates that when observing marine protected creatures, you must not interfere with their movement or feeding activities.

Accordingly, vessels observing southern bottlenose dolphins must reduce their speed to 10 knots or less at a distance of 750m to 1.5km from the dolphin and to 5 knots or less at a distance of 300 to 750m.

The screw of the vessel must be stopped within 300m, and the vessel must not approach within a 50m radius of the dolphin.

In case of violation, a fine of up to KRW 2 million is imposed.

An official from the Seogwipo Coast Guard said, “This crackdown is the first case uncovered under the applicable law, which came into effect on April 19.”

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