More than 30,000 free viewing and discount coupons for the movie “This is Moon Jae-in” (director Lee Chang-jae) have been issued, but the number of actual uses has been low.

According to data submitted by the office of Representative Yoo Yong-hyun through the Korean Film Council on the 23rd, a total of 30,862 coupons for free viewing and discounts were issued by three movie theaters, CGV, Megabox, and Lotte Cinema, through the 19th. Of these, only 8977 coupons were used by the 19th.

In the case of CGV, 10,260 coupons for the first 10,000 won discount were issued by the same day, but only 1,862 were used. The first 2058 free coupons were issued, but the number of redemptions was zero.

For Megabox, 7544 coupons for 8,000 won discount were issued, of which 4388 were redeemed. For the 4000 won discount coupon, 3000 coupons were issued and 541 were redeemed.

Lotte Cinema issued 6500 coupons for a 2000 won discount, of which 2013 were redeemed. 1,500 coupons for a 4000 won discount were issued and 193 were redeemed.

Former President Moon Jae-in and his wife Kim Jung-sook sit to watch the documentary film “This is Moon Jae-in,” about his daily life after leaving office, at a multiplex movie theater in Yangsan, Gyeongnam Province, on Wednesday. /Yonhap

According to the Korean Film Council’s Integrated Movie Ticketing System, “I Am Moon Jae-in,” which was released on March 10, has accumulated 106,171 moviegoers as of March 22. This is a rather poor performance.

The movie “I Am Roh Moo-hyun,” released in 2017, had 1.85 million viewers. In its first four days (including the weekend) alone, it mobilized 566,391 viewers메이저사이트. Last year’s “You Are the Fatherland” had a final total of 330,000 viewers.

Representative Yong said, “We are trying to boost the box office by distributing free coupons, but moviegoers’ choices are sobering,” and added, “I hope you will be forgotten now, just like the president who said he wanted to be forgotten.”

The movie, “This is Moon Jae-in,” features many scenes of the former president’s daily life after leaving office, such as him taking a nap and planting a vegetable garden. The film’s director, Lee Chang-jae, also made a documentary on former President Roh Moo-hyun in 2017.

Initially, the film contained criticisms of Moon’s current administration, such as “the achievements made in five years have collapsed,” but it was released after the controversial date was removed.

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