I’m the youngest on the team, but I’ve become the strongest player. Two days later, Kwon Soon-woo, who created a first-ever scene in Korean tennis by winning two tours, will participate in the ‘Tennis World Cup’.

Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok met.


He hits the ball over the net while constantly moving around the court.

It is a moment like this when Kwon Soon-woo, who did not change his expression during training, smiles brightly.

[Kwon Soon-woo/Tennis National Team: Out!]토토사이트

The four tennis teams, consisting of singles’ Kwon Soon-woo, Hong Seong-chan’s doubles, Song Min-gyu, and Nam Ji-seong’s team, will meet Belgium in two days to advance to the Davis Cup finals.

[Kwon Soon-woo/Tennis National Representative: As much as it is a national competition, I have more responsibility than my individual matches… ]

Belgium is holding on to David Gopin, who has risen to 7th in the world, but the opponent is most wary of Kwon Soon-woo.

[David Gopin/Belgium National Tennis Representative: Kwon Soon-woo is a great player. He’s never met in a competition, but he’s had a few practice sessions. It ‘s fast and solid.]

Kwon Soon-woo, 26 this year, won two tour tournaments for the first time in our tennis.

Although he was eliminated in the preliminaries, he won the tournament as a ‘lucky loser’ who withdrew from the final round, and there are only 10 men in men’s tennis history.

[Kwon Soon-woo / National Tennis Representative: I think his serve speed went up a lot as his shoulders became a lot softer.]

If our tennis wins the final round this weekend, it will be the first time in history to advance to the world round of 16 for two consecutive years in this tournament.

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