A ‘big boy’ big rookie appeared안전놀이터 at Landers Field in Incheon, ‘186cm-118kg’.

On the 2nd at SSG Landers Field in Incheon, the first match of a three-week series between SSG and KT will be held. A new face appeared in the SSG team training ahead of the game. This is Rookie Kim Gun-woong, who newly joined the 2023 season.

Kim Gun-woong, born in 2000, is a college graduate rookie who started wearing the SSG uniform this year after graduating from Hwasun High School and Yonsei University. He was 186cm tall and 118kg tall and had a high batting average of over 36 in the Futures League this season with 2 home runs and 16 RBIs.

On Sunday, the last day of April, Kim Gun-woong was notified of joining the first team.

When asked how he felt about joining the first team, he said, “It’s like a dream. I can’t feel it yet. I’m not nervous yet. If I can play all 9 innings of today’s game, I want to hit at least one hit.”

Right-handed infielder Kim Geon-woong has a large physique, but has a flexible batting form. He sent his bat away with a soft swing. It is said that he is quick with his feet for his size and is capable of stealing bases. He was a catcher through high school, but switched to first base after college. He has 1st base as his main position and can also defend 3rd base.

‘Incheon Big Boy’ Kim Geon-woong, who joined the first team entry, will make his first start as the first baseman for the 8th hitter in his KBO League debut on the 2nd.

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