It’s December 6th of last year.

On that day, Mr. Choi Mo, 68, was driving his car, dropping off his 12-year-old grandson, Do-hyun, who had just gotten home from an essay writing class.

It was a day like any other. Until a car turning left at the intersection of OO Apartments suddenly screeched to a halt.

The car sped up with a sudden roar, and before Choi could do anything, it hit the car in front of him.

The car didn’t stop, and as the speed increased, Mr. Choi tried to avoid the accident at all costs, even driving in reverse.

Choi’s voice on the car’s dashcam captures his panic.

“Oh my God, why is this not working. Mom. It’s not working. Do-hyun-ah, Do-hyun-ah, Do-hyun-ah, Do-hyun-ah~!”

After the first accident, the car continued for more than 600 meters before hitting a curb, sending it flying, crossing a six-lane road, and crashing into a waterway.

The driver, Choi, was seriously injured in the crash, while 12-year-old Do Hyun, who was in the back seat, was rushed to the hospital but ultimately died.

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The grandmother who took care of Do-hyun’s path to the House of Representatives for 8 years without a single accident

Ms. Choi, Do-hyun’s grandmother who lived in Seoul, moved to Gangneung in 2015 with her husband, who had no ties to the area.

They moved to Gangneung to take care of their son’s (Do-hyun’s dad) children (Do-hyun and Do-hyun’s sister).

Since moving to Gangneung, Dohyun has always been in charge of getting her brother and sister to and from school.

For eight years, Dohyun, who works in the afternoon, took care of his siblings in place of his mom.

On the day of the accident, Do-hyun stopped by a writing center after school, which he had attended for more than three years.

The road where the accident occurred was also a familiar road that Do-hyun and his grandmother had traveled for more than three years.

“It’s a bigger sin for a son to die,” grandmother’s petition to the court said.

Do Hyun-yi’s grandmother was accused of losing her grandson and killing him at the same time in this sudden suspicious accident.

Ms. Choi filed a petition in a civil lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer to determine the cause of the accident.

In the petition, Ms. Choi describes her heartbreak at the loss of her beloved grandson and how she has cared for him ever since.

“I miss him every night and feel so guilty that I spend the night in tears,” he said, “I feel like I’m committing a bigger sin against my son by dying,” he added.

“I kept stepping on the brakes, but the speed didn’t slow down, and I was so scared and worried about my grandson that I called him several times,” she wrote.

She said she even drove in the opposite lane to avoid hitting other cars, but was unable to prevent the accident.

The mom who got down on her knees to apologize to her son this Lunar New Year

Dohyun’s grandmother and Dohyun’s dad live five minutes away, but they haven’t seen each other much since the accident.

When they do see each other, they end up in tears and only occasionally call to say hello.

Dohyun’s dad told me that he went to visit his mom during the Lunar New Year, the first time they celebrated after losing their son, and then ran away.

Here’s what Dohyun’s dad said.

“It was the first time I had to spend the holidays without Dohyun, and I was really scared메이저사이트.
I talked to my wife a lot before I went to see my mom, and we talked a lot about not going and crying and just really saying hello, but I went to say hello to my mom with the mindset that our Dohyun is fine, he’s fine in heaven, and we have to fight the battles that we have to fight, and let’s get through this, and the moment we crossed the threshold, we just had to run out crying.”

“I don’t know why, because my mother came in after I went in and my wife came in after me, and my mother came in all of a sudden and fell down on her knees and said she was sorry and cried and said she was sorry and said she was sorry and said she was sorry and she did that and it wasn’t her fault and I’ve never blamed her and hated her all these years, so why is she making us feel like sinners….”

“Of course she can feel sorry for herself, and she does, but really, we went there with our minds made up, and the moment we saw her on her knees crying, we just ran away, and I think we ran away, and we had nowhere to go, and we went to the beach, and we were alone (with my wife) on the beach, and we cried ourselves to sleep.”

“Why, what did I do wrong in my life to deserve this… In our family, he was the greatest joy of my life, and every time I called his name, it was a joy for us, but now every time I call his name, it turns into sadness, and my mother is living in pain again, just like my mother….”

■Experts “Accident with all the hallmarks of sudden acceleration” vs Guk Gwasu “No vehicle defect”

Experts agree that the accident that wiped out Do-hyun’s family in one fell swoop has all the hallmarks of a radicalization.

“In this case, out of hundreds of accidents, there is a very high probability that it was a sudden-onset accident,” said Kim Pil-soo, a professor at Daelim University’s School of Future Automotive, who is the chairman of the Sudden-onset Research Society.

“It has all the characteristics of a sudden-onset accident,” he said.

“You can hear the engine roar when accelerating rapidly, the emissions are white and incomplete combustion, and the fact that the driver was talking but didn’t hear anything because the brakes were hard,” said Professor Kim.

He also pointed out that the duration of the accident was quite long, which makes it less likely for the driver to make a mistake, and that the driver was actually recorded saying “this is not working” while trying to do something, which also increases the likelihood of a sudden-onset accident.

Han Moon-cheol, a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents and also a YouTuber, said, “The fact that a grandmother in her 60s kept pressing the accelerator for more than 600 meters, calling her grandchildren’s names in a panic while driving, or saying, ‘This is not working.

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