Hyunguk Jang, CEO of WeMade, plans to report on the current situation… “Question the suspicion and listen to the call”

In relation to the controversy over virtual currency investment such as ‘Wemix’ by Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who left the Democratic Party of Korea안전놀이터, the power of the people visited WeMade, the issuer of Wemix on the 19th, and inquired about the suspicions raised. have

According to officials from the ruling party, the People’s Power ‘Coin Gate Fact Investigation Team’ will visit the Wemade office building in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, hold a second meeting, and receive a report on the current situation from Wemade CEO Jang Hyun-guk. WeMade is a company that issued Wemix, a virtual currency that was controversial after Congressman Kim traded billions of won, and is at the center of controversy.

Some in the industry are raising suspicions that there was an airdrop (free payment) from Wemade or related companies in the process of Congressman Kim’s possession of a large amount of Wemix. Rep. Yoon Chang-hyun, who was in charge of the investigation team’s secretary, said, “I’m going to take the time to ask questions about the suspicions related to Congressman Kim and listen to the call from the company.”

Meanwhile, the people’s power ‘Protection of Our Sea Verification Task Force’ ( TF ) invites Wade Allison, Professor Emeritus of Oxford University, to hold a meeting at the National Assembly on the theme of ‘Radioactive Horror Ghost Story and Fukushima’. Professor Allison is a scholar who has been researching radiation and nuclear physics for more than 40 years. Through her 2009 book, ‘Science Consumed by Fear,’ she continues to argue that the dangers of radiation and nuclear power are exaggerated. At a recent meeting hosted by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Korea Atomic Energy Society, Professor Allison said, “The multi-nuclide removal facility in front of Fukushima ( ALPS)), if there is 1 liter of water in front of me, I can drink it.”

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