Former Justice Minister Cho Kook expressed his impressions of watching the documentary film ‘I Am Moon Jae-in’, which depicts the daily life of former President Moon Jae-in after his retirement.

On the 18th, former Minister Cho replaced his Facebook cover photo with a poster photo of ‘I am Moon Jae-in’ and wrote, “I have been watching it quietly.”

On the 4th, former Minister Cho said, “I haven’t seen the movie (I am Moon Jae-in) yet” at the book concert ‘A walk in the classics of the motherland’ held in Gumi, Gyeongbuk토토사이트.

In this movie, former President Moon also mentions former Minister Cho. To the question, “Who wants to pour a glass of soju right now?”, former President Moon replied, “My motherland,” and then seems to be silently thinking for a while.

Former President Moon Jae-in. Screenshot of the trailer for the movie ‘I am Moon Jae-in’

Regarding the scene, former Minister Cho said, “As a person who served, I am grateful and sorry.”

However, former Minister Cho also said, “What did you say because the trial was in progress? There are people who create and distort political interpretations in themselves,” he said.

‘This is Moon Jae-in’, which was first released at the Jeonju International Film Festival on the 29th and 30th of last month, was released on the 10th. The film depicts former President Moon’s daily life after leaving office in May of last year and returning to Pyeongsan Village in Yangsan, South Gyeongsang Province.

Director Lee Chang-jae, who made the documentary film ‘This is Roh Moo-hyun’, took the megaphone.

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